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2017 International Workshop on FFAG Accelerators


The modern rediscovery of fixed field alternating gradient (FFAG) accelerators, begun in 1999 in Japan with the PoP FFAG at KEK, has continued to this day: an energy recovery linac utilizing FFAG arcs is currently under construction at Cornell University. Important questions concerning FFAG design continue to be studied, such as design for RF synchronization, maintenance of performance in the presence of errors, and creation of insertions that maintain the FFAG's wide energy acceptance.

There is much to be learned from currently operating machines at KURRI and Kyushu University, in addition to experience gained from previous machines at KEK and Daresbury Laboratory. Many groups continue to create FFAG-based designs for various applications, including medical, nuclear energy, and nuclear and particle physics. The FFAG workshop series, which started in 1999 in Japan and of which this workshop is the latest, brings together scientists and engineers who design, build, operate, and utilize these machines.

The 2017 FFAG workshop will be an invaluable opportunity to discuss the latest FFAG design ideas and developments, accelerator hardware and technologies enabling higher performance and more cost effective FFAGs, results and experience gained from operating machines, and ways FFAGs can be used to better achieve scientific and technological goals in numerous fields.

Poster Sessions

Poster boards will be available to display posters of your FFAG project. Please email Anna Petway ( if you are intertested in displaying a poster, along with its title. We will then assign you a time for its display in the hallway.


FFAG School Agenda (pdf)

Local Organizing Committee

  • Georg Hoffstaetter (Cornell, Chair)
  • Karl W. Smolenski (Cornell)
  • J. Scott Berg (BNL)
  • David C. Sagan (Cornell)
  • Mike Roman (Cornell)
  • Monica Wesley (Cornell, Admin.)
  • Anna Petway (BNL, Co-Admin.)

Scientific Program Committee

  • Georg Hoffstaetter (Cornell Chair)
  • Dejan Trbojevic (BNL, Deputy Chair)
  • Alex Bogacz (JLAB)
  • Carol Johnstone (FNAL)
  • Shinji Machida (RAL)
  • Chris Mayes (Cornell)
  • Yoshiharu Mori (Kyoto U.)
  • Jaroslaw Pasternak (Imperial College)
  • Thomas Planche (TRIUMF)

International Organizing Committee

  • Georg Hoffstaetter (Cornell, FFAG’17 Chair)
  • Dejan Trbojevic (BNL)
  • Chris Prior (RAL)
  • Thomas Planche (TRIUMF)
  • Jaroslaw Pasternak (Imperial College)
  • Yoshiharu Mori (Kyoto U.)
  • Francois Meot (BNL)
  • Shinji Machida (RAL)
  • Akira Sato (Osaka U.)
  • Nobuo Ikeda (Kyushu U.)
  • Carol Johnstone (FNAL)
  • J. Scott Berg (BNL)


Click on the "Workshop Information" tab above to find accommodation information.

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Group & Workshop Photos

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Workshop Events

All registered participants are invited to attend the meet and greet, evening dinner and workshop tours.

Meet & Greet
Hilton Garden Inn
Garden Grille Room
Thursday, September 7, 2017
5:00 PM-7:00 PM

Evening Dinner
Robert H. Treman State Park
Saturday, September 9, 2017

Workshop Tours
Friday, September 8, 2017, 1:00 PM Tour Description

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