Workshop On

Forward Physics at RHIC


With the increasing interest in physics at forward rapidities at RHIC as well as planned upgrades for this physics at PHENIX and STAR, we believe it is timely to have a workshop aimed at further developing the physics case for forward physics at RHIC. We aim to discuss and develop the physics over all three main RHIC physics programs of interest: nucleon spin physics, cold nuclear matter physics, and heavy ion physics.

It has been shown over the last decade, that the observed large transverse spin asymmetries persist to the higher center of mass energies at RHIC. The description and understanding of these asymmetries, as well as spin phenomena in other reactions, has opened new avenues into the understanding of the nucleon and QCD which can be explored in new, forward rapidity measurements.

The description of the nuclear initial state at low-x is a long-standing nuclear physics problem that has garnered much attention through the years, and with the recent development of the Color Glass Condensate framework as well as other theoretical tools, a new generation of ideas has emerged. Many of these ideas can be probed by measurements in the forward direction.

Much of the progress in the understanding of the Quark Gluon Plasma at RHIC has taken place at central rapidities while the forward rapidities have largely been ignored. Measurements at forward rapidities and utilizing correlations across a large range in rapidity open up many new possibilities for understanding a full 3d picture of the plasma.

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Last Modified: April 9, 2019