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Frontiers of quantum condensed matter physics: light, matter and unusual devices out of equilibrium

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This workshop will bring together a diverse group of experts working in the burgeoning area of research into quantum dynamics of disequilibrated many-body systems. Rapid advances in fields of cold atoms, ultraclean semiconductor devices, nuclear magnetic resonance and structural dynamics necessitate a meeting such as this that will focus on some of the most recent and exciting developments both in experiments and theory.

The timing and location of the workshop essentially make it a satellite to the APS March meeting held in Baltimore on March 18-22. A similarly scheduled workshop last year enjoyed enthusiastic participation by all invitees.

Confirmed Participants

  • J. Keeling (St. Andrews)
  • C. Ramanathan (Dartmouth)
  • F. Marquardt (Erlangen)
  • B. Fine (Heidelberg)
  • T. Gasenzer (Heidelberg)
  • A. Altland (Koln)
  • A. Feguin (Northeastern)
  • M. Rigol (PSU)
  • D. Snoke (U. Pitt)
  • T. Ikeda (Tokyo)
  • P. Grishins (Viena)
  • D. Schuricht (Aachen)
  • A. Kamenev (Minnesota)
  • A. Levchenko (MSU)
  • F. Essler (Oxford)
  • A. Clerk (McGill)
  • J. S. Bernier (UBC)
  • V. Gurarie( Boulder)
  • A. Tsvelik (BNL)
  • L. D'Alessio (BU)
  • R. Averitt (BU)
  • M. Kolodrubetz (BU)
  • P. Krapivsky (BU)
  • A. Millis (Columbia)
  • R. Hipolito (G.Tech)
  • S. Kehrein (Gottingen)
  • L. Mathey (Hamburg)
  • A. Del Campo (Los Alamos)
  • N. Andrei (Rutgers)
  • E. Yuzbashyan (Rutgers)
  • L. Santos (Yeshiva)
  • M. Dzero (Kent State)
  • M. Kollar (Augsburg)
  • M. J. Bhaseen (Kings College)
  • G. Brandino (UvA)
  • J. Cardy (Oxford)
  • M. Pustilnik (Georgia Tech)
  • J. Sirker (Kaiserslautern)
  • A. James (BNL)
  • S. Akhanjee (BNL)
  • M. Schiro (Princeton)
  • C. Hooley (St. Andrews)
  • A. Kantian (Geneva)



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Last Modified: December 27, 2017