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Shipping Instructions for All Deliveries to Brookhaven

Delivery Location

All deliveries shall be to 98 Rochester Street, Upton, New York 11973 unless otherwise noted on the Purchase Order/Contract. To speak to a representative call 631-344-2300, unless you have made other arrangements with your host. Include your host’s name or your name on the package. Individual departments can receive non-hazardous, non-radiological materials directly; contact your host for further details.

Delivery Hours

All deliveries must arrive at Brookhaven National Laboratory at Building 98 between the hours of 8:00 am to noon or from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm EST, Monday through Friday. Any delivery outside normal delivery hours will NOT be accepted unless advanced notification was provided and arrangements were made through Receiving, (631) 344-2300, or via email at

Special Notification of Delivery

Advanced Notice, within 72 hours of expected delivery to BNL, shall be provided by the supplier or shipper to BNL’s Receiving department either by telephone at: 631-344-2300, OR via email at: due to weight, size, and/or volume parameters of the end item(s) requiring special material handling/rigging by BSA personnel.

Failure to contact BNL will result in delays during delivery and demurrage will be at the supplier’s/ shipper’s expense.

Hazardous or Radioactive Materials

Shipment of all materials including hazardous materials and hazardous chemicals, etc., to BNL must be conducted in accordance with U.S. Department of Transportation requirements. Contact your ESH Coordinator and then Central Receiving Section at 631-344-2300 to make arrangements for these shipments.

If your institution is shipping radioactive material or accountable nuclear material to BNL, you must contact the Isotopes and Special Materials (I&SM) Group at 631-344-4051 to obtain an authorization number and then Central Receiving Section at 631-344-2311 to make arrangements for these shipments.

Radioactive materials are received at Central Receiving and are temporarily stored in the designated area for pick-up by I&SM. It is the Laboratory’s policy to conduct the receipt, storage, inspection and delivery of Radioactive Hazardous Material in accordance with the regulations contained in the Department of Transportation’s Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Title 49, parts 100 through 179.

Package Labeling Requirements

All packages delivered to BNL must be labeled with the complete Purchase Order/Contract Number as a minimum. Note: Purchase or Credit Card orders do not require a Purchase Order Number but must be labeled as a Purchase or Credit Card Purchase and include the Card Holders Name and Building Number on the label.

Each shipping container (transport package) with a gross weight equal to or greater than 400 pounds (180 kilograms) must be marked with the center of gravity and gross weight on at least one side, or end panel in addition to meeting the requirements of the latest revision of ASTM Standard D 3951-98, Standard Practice for Commercial Packaging. This applies to any item shipped (originally packaged or repackaged) to BNL or other locations cited in the purchase order or contract.

Shipment Destination Other than BNL

The material ordered is to be shipped to other than the Buyer’s facilities. Copies of the data required in accordance with the procurement documentation shall accompany the shipment; in addition, one copy of such data shall be mailed to the Buyer on the same day that shipment is made.

Requirements when BSA is Paying Freight Charges

A copy of the freight bill must accompany the Seller’s invoice when charges are in the account of Brookhaven and in excess of $100.00.

All Regular Shipments Totaling 150 Pounds or Less: Use FedEx Ground collect (second choice), using the BNL account or UPS Ground collect (first choice) using the BNL account.

All Regular Shipments Totaling 150 Pounds or More

  • Local shipments within a 100 mile radius or in the Tri State area (PA, NJ, CT) use our local trucking company, South Shore Delivery (516) 810-0081.
  • Shipments beyond a 100 mile radius use YRC, Inc.
  • All other shipments outside New York State use one of the following lines, listed in order of the best discounted government rates:

YRC Inc.
Tender # 2914
Ph. local: (631) 242-5201
Ph. district: (800) 610-6500

Tender #1560-G
Ph. local: (631) 243-0800
Ph. district: (800) 610-5544

All Urgent Air Shipments

  • Use FedEx Priority Collect, using BNL account or UPS Air Collect using BNL account. Use the necessary degree of urgency: Overnight, Two Day or Three Day Express Saver options are available.
  • If shipment exceeds 150 pounds, contact the BNL Traffic Dept. at (631) 344-2300 for shipping instructions.

Note: Do not ship with any additional insurance as BNL is self-insured and additional insurance charges will be deemed unallowable

Ocean Shipments

For foreign shipments that will be transported via ocean freight the 10-2 REQUIREMENTS Form (PDF) must be completed by the supplier 72 hours before departure of the vessel. The form can either be faxed to Interfreight Harmonized Logistics, Inc. at 516-371-6880 or emailed to A copy should also be emailed to . Once the form is submitted to customs an acceptance number will be given. No freight will be loaded on a vessel without this acceptance number.

Questions? call 631-344-2300.