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HPC and Super-computing for Future Science Applications


The Workshop on High Performance Computing and Supercomputing for Next Generation Scientific Applications" will take place on June 4-6, 2013 at Brookhaven National Laboratory.

The focus of this workshop will be on enabling the usage of high-performance computing and supercomputing resources for a broad range of data intensive and computationally intensive scientific fields. Particular emphasis will be placed on the evolution of future workload management systems, and emerging opportunities for international cooperation in this research area. We plan to have a dedicated session to discuss Geant4, ROOT and PanDA on HPC, supercomputing and cloud platforms.

The workshop will consist of a limited number of presentations from invited speakers, plus a series of 20 minute contributions. The afternoon of the final day, June 6, will be reserved for an open discussion session.

Topics or Session Information

  • To be determined

Workshop Speakers

  • Dr. I. Bird (CERN)
  • Prof. S. Jha (Rutgers)
  • Dr. T. LeCompte (ANL)
  • Prof. M. Livny (WU Madison)
  • Dr. R. Mount (SLAC)
  • Dr. F. Rademakers (CERN)
  • Prof. K. Read (ORNL/Univ. Tennessee)
  • Dr. J. Shiers (CERN)
  • Prof. V. Velikhov (NRC-KI)

Special Evening Events

Registered attendees are invited to attend the optional banquet dinner and/or wine & cheese reception.

Wine & Cheese Reception
Physics Department, Bldg. 510
Library, 2nd Floor, Room 2-38
No cost to attend
Tuesday, June 4, 2013, starts at 6:00 PM

Banquet Dinner
Chachama Grill in East Patchogue
There will be a fee for attending
Cost to be determined
Wednesday, June 5, 2013, starts at 6:30 PM

Workshop Committee

  • K. De (UTA)
  • M. Ernst (BNL)
  • A. Klimentov (BNL)
  • S. Panitkin (BNL)
  • T. Wenaus (BNL)

Sponsors and/or Co-sponsors


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