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Why I Donate Blood

"I give blood because I am a healthy person and the Laboratory makes it very convenient to be able to give on-site.  It is a good feeling helping others in need and knowing that others are doing the same in case, at some point in my life, myself or a family member may need assistance."

Starr Munson


"There is an expression in our society that "you do not get something for nothing."  Giving blood is truly a selfless act that can save lives, help fight disease, and we are totally unaware who is the beneficiary of our donation.  I give blood because it makes me feel good to help someone in need that can't help themselves.  I have been giving blood since 1970 as frequently as possible, and the most it takes is one hour of my time every 56 days.  I pray to God that if my family is ever in need, those selfless acts can help them in their time of crisis."

                                                                                            Gabe Genoino

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