Common Reasons for Deferrals

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Condition Length of Time Before You Can Give Blood
Not feeling well for any reason Until symptoms are over
Cold, sore throat, respiratory infection, flu Until symptoms are over
Travel to an area of the world where malaria is a problem Twelve months after return
Antibiotics (except antibiotics for acne) When treatment is complete if taken for infection
Accutane, Proscar and Propecia One month after taking last dose
Avodart Six months after taking last dose
Soriatane Three years after taking last dose
Certain cases of heart disease Contact NY Blood for medical eligibility at 1-800-688-0900
Ears, nose or skin piercing Twelve months after procedure unless done under sterile conditions
Tattoos Twelve months after procedure
Blood transfusion Twelve months after receiving blood
Full-term pregnancy Six weeks after delivery
Abortion or miscarriage Six weeks if after the first trimester (twelve weeks)
Surgery, serious injury When healing is complete and feeling well
Smallpox vaccination Two months after vaccination
Tuberculosis (TB) After completion of treatment
Dental visits Wait 72 hours after major dental work, no wait after routine cleaning or filling
1980 - 1996 time spent in the United Kingdom that adds up to three (3) or more months. Permanent deferral
1980 - present time spent in most European countries that adds up to five (5) years or more Permanent deferral
U.S. military personnel & dependents

During 1980 - 1990 time spent in Belgium, Netherlands or Germany

During 1980 - 1996 time spent in Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Italy or Greece
Permanent deferral

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