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Eric O’Connor

Cryogenics Mechanical Engineer

USMC Reserve, Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron – 49

Eric O’Connor is a Cryogenics Mechanical Engineer here at Brookhaven Lab, working as a team member of the Collider-Accelerator Department. Eric enjoys his position and flexibility Brookhaven Lab provides for him in the military. One weekend a month and two weeks of every year, Eric performs obligated drill service at Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron – 49 (MALS 49). His military occupational specialty is 6002 – Aircraft Maintenance Officer, where he is responsible for leading technical training, administrative functions, and overall health and well-being management of Marines under his charge. Eric is passionate about both lifestyles as an Engineer and Marine Corps Officer. He has been selected to the rank of Captain (O-3) and will promote in the coming months.

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