Through professional management of human resources, the Human Resources and Occupational Medicine Division supports the Laboratory in securing and maintaining a position of world leadership in discovery and technology development. 


The Human Resources and Occupational Medicine Division, in partnership with all Laboratory organizations, ensures a diverse, qualified, healthy, and highly motivated workforce focused on achieving the critical outcomes, through the development and administration of cost-effective and results-oriented human resource and occupational medicine programs, policies, services, and practices. 


  • A diverse, highly skilled, productive, healthy, and efficient workforce.
  • Fair and lawful treatment of all employees.
  • Highly effective supervisors, leaders and managers.
  • Operational excellence in the delivery of all Human Resource and Occupational Medicine services and functions.
  • Alignment of HR and OM policies and processes with the organizationís needs and goals.


Compensation and benefit packages will support the Laboratoryís efforts to recruit and retain a highly performing and diverse work force. The HR and OM Division will provide a high level of service to its customers by making use of available knowledge, skills, and technology and through face-to-face interaction with those customers. All members of the HR and OM Division are representatives for our employees and fill an advocacy role, when appropriate. In filling this advocacy role, HR and OM staff will be mindful of the need to balance employee rights against the legitimate business needs of the organization.

  • HR-sponsored training and development activities will be provided to enable supervisors and employees to improve their skills and abilities in carrying out their present roles and ensure safe and effective work and health habits.  OM-sponsored programs will provide services to supervisors and employees in connection with the health, physical and mental well-being, and medical information needs of the BNL population.
  • HR Staff will provide appropriate career development opportunities to enable employees to better themselves.
  • The HR and OM Division will carry out Laboratory personnel policies and procedures in an open and honest fashion, welcoming input and advice from our customers.
  • The HR and OM Division will partner with upper management by providing professional and expert advice and services on those matters that impact upon personnel issues.

All OM activities and services provided to employees and supervisors follow medical confidentiality requirements established by the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine in their code of Ethical Conduct.

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