Edman Awards Committee

The Pehr Edman Award is given to individuals whose efforts have significantly advanced the fields of protein chemistry, protein structure analysis, or proteomics. The award honors and commemorates the work of Pehr Edman, the Swedish chemist principally responsible for developing the chemistry for sequencing proteins by removing amino acids from the amino terminus one at a time. The Award is given in conjunction with Methods in Protein Structure Analysis (MPSA) meetings, which are sponsored by the International Association for Protein Structure Analysis and Proteomics.

The first Pehr Edman Award was given in 1988 to Richard Laursen, Boston University, for his efforts in the development of solid-state protein sequencing methods. Subsequent recipients are listed on this website in the section “Past MPSA Meetings”. From 1988 until 1996, the Pehr Edman Award was sponsored by the Milligen Division of the Millipore Corporation; subsequent awards have been sponsored by PE Applied Biosystems, Agilent Technologies, Waters Corporation, AB Sciex, and more recently by private foundations.

The purpose of the Edman Award Committee is to select the recipient(s) of the Edman Award, to advise the Board in other matters pertaining to this award, and to raise funds and perform other tasks as may be necessary to support the award, as described in Article V, section 6 of the IAPSAP By-Laws. The Edman Award Committee consists of a Chair and seven members, at least two of whom are IAPSAP Executive Committee members, one of whom shall be the Treasurer, and additional member(s) recommended by the Chair and approved by the IAPSAP Executive committee.

Current Committee Members:

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Last Modified: April 4, 2012