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Business Operations Manager W. Morrin
Procurement/Contract Administrator,
Credit Card Manager
M. Macnish
Sr. Administrative Assistant,
Foreign/Domestic Travel,
GIS Representative
C. Michael
(Division Head's office)
Research Space Manager (Bldg. 535),
Property Management Specialist,
Building Access Coordinator (Keys),
Work Control Coordinator,
Recycling Coordinator,
Telecom Representative
J. McGowan
Research Space Manager(Bldg. 356),
Work Control Coordinator
J. A. Kierstead
Building Space Point Of Contact,
ISSM Point Of Contact,
Derivitive Classifier
A. Kandasamy
ESH Coordinator/EMS Representative,
Experiment Safety Review Coordinator,
90 Day Accumulation Area Coordinator,
Training Coordinator,
Assoc. Quality Assurance Representative,
Technology Transfer Representative,
Work Control Manager,
Assessment Coordinator
R. DiNardo
Local Emergency Coordinator R. DiNardo
A. Kandasamy
J. McGowan
N. Schaknowski
W. Smith
ALARA Representative,
Radiation Generating Device Custodian
B. Yu
EEO Representative T. Rao
Environmental Compliance Representative F. Craner
Facility Support Representative F. Zafonte