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Laser and Optical Metrology

Ultrafast Laser Laboratory

The Laser Laboratory in the Instrumentation Division is actively involved in the development of efficient, high quality photoelectron sources, optical version of particle detectors with high spatial and temporal resolution, and diagnostics for ultrafast laser pulses. Various pulsed and continue wave laser systems with optical pulse duration ranging from a few tens of femtosecond to a few microsecond, wavelengths range from ~1300 nm in the Infrared to 266 nm in the ultraviolet, and energies of nanoJoule to nearly a Joule per pulse are used in these research programs. In addition to these lasers, the laboratory also has two unique high voltage pulse generators capable of delivering 1 MV and 5 MV in <1 ns with rise and fall times of <150 ps. These pulse generators along with fast lasers are used to generate electron beams with unprecedented brightness. These fast lasers are used for detector applications as well as the development of diagnostic tools for ultrafast optical events.

Optical Metrology

Located within the Instrumentation Division, the Optical Metrology Laboratory (OML) at Brookhaven National Laboratory is actively involved in improving the quality of optical components used in synchrotron radiation (SR) beam lines throughout the world. Established in 1983, the OML has developed instrumentation and measurement techniques that are critical to the successful performance of highprecision aspheric optics, such as those found in beam lines at the National Synchrotron Light Source. The instrument technology that has been developed in the OML has been successfully transferred to industry under the auspices of a CRADA initiated in 1993.