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Energy Systems Division

Renewables and Grid Analysis

New York Center for Grid Innovation

Brookhaven Lab is pursuing the development of a new facility that will enable the research needed to help New York State meet its energy goals.

rendering of NYCGI


  • New York CGI will be a new facility that provides all the research capabilities needed to enable New York’s energy goals
  •  Strong focus on understanding the new grid dynamic distribution system challenges


  • Provide a venue for collaborative research to address the challenges in meeting NYS energy goals
  • Develop, test, and apply new and evolving technologies for grid operation
  •  Help position New York State as a global center for electric grid research and innovation.
  •  Provide training for new workforce opportunities
  • Minimize utility business risk by testing and validating advanced technologies and new business models prior to deployment.

Proposed Location on the BNL campus in Discovery Park

  • Centered at Brookhaven National Laboratory in collaboration with Stony Brook (AERTC), National Offshore Wind Research and Technology Center, community colleges, and other stakeholders
  • Brookhaven is a portal to the U.S. National Laboratory System and a federal enclave with research capability and flexibility
  • Proximity to the immediate challenge of integrating offshore wind
  • Home to a 32-MW solar installation for observation performance data, and a 1.0-MW off-grid solar testing facility
  • Proximity to major transmission infrastructure, space to demonstrate grid-level energy storage

Brookhaven Capabilities can be leveraged for NY-CGI

  • High Performance Computing, World-class computing facilities
  • Big Data Handling, Brookhaven handles “Big Data” from Large Hadron Collider
  • Long Island Solar Farm, Performance data from 32MW grid-connected solar facility
  • Northeast Solar Energy Research Center, a 1MW solar test facility with energy storage, power electronics equipment texting capabilities
  • Brookhaven campus as a microgrid test bed including microgrid control schemes, advanced grid sensors, and energy storage demonstration


  • Distribution system control room
  • Data and simulation support
  • Separate DER management and scenario evaluation rooms.

Partnership currently includes:

  • New York Power Authority, Long Island Power Authority, Con Edison, National Grid, PSEG
  • New York State Energy Research and Development Authority,
  • Brookhaven National Laboratory
  • Stony Brook University