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New Management Contract Awarded

Gibbs, Stanley, Townsend

From left, Doon Gibbs, BSA President and Brookhaven Lab Director; Samuel L. Stanley Jr., M.D., BSA Board Chair and President of Stony Brook University; and Ronald Townsend, BSA Board Co-chair and Executive Vice President of Global Laboratory Operations for Batelle.

Brookhaven Science Associates (BSA) has been selected by the U.S. Department of Energy to continue managing and operating Brookhaven National Laboratory under a new five-year base contract. Established as a partnership between Battelle and Stony Brook University, BSA has managed Brookhaven Lab since 1998.

“We’re delighted to have been chosen to lead Brookhaven Lab into its next phase of scientific achievement, and deeply appreciate the Department of Energy’s confidence in BSA going forward,” said Doon Gibbs, BSA president and Brookhaven Lab Director. “We’ve come a long way as a Laboratory during the past 16 years and believe BSA has an exciting, compelling vision for the next 20. We very much look forward to working with the Department of Energy; Stony Brook and Battelle; the core BSA universities, including Columbia, Cornell, Harvard, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Princeton and Yale; the State of New York; our regional partners; and our thousands of employees and visiting researchers to make that vision a reality.”

“Brookhaven National Laboratory is a prestigious research institution that is helping to drive the future of science and technology in New York,” Governor Andrew M. Cuomo said. “The selection of Brookhaven Science Associates to continue operating the Lab underscores the fundamental role they play not just in Long Island’s economy, but throughout our world in fields ranging from medicine to renewable energy. New York State and Stony Brook University have been long-time partners with the Lab, and I look forward to seeing that partnership continue to support the best and brightest minds around in the years ahead.”

The new contract begins on January 5, 2015, and has a base term of five years, with up to 15 additional years that can be earned through award-term incentives. 

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Tools of Discovery

Brookhaven Lab excels at the design, construction, and operation of large-scale, cutting-edge research facilities – some available nowhere else in the world. Each year, thousands of scientists from laboratories, universities, and industries around the world use these facilities to delve into the basic mysteries of physics, chemistry, biology, materials science, energy, and the environment – and develop innovative applications that arise, sometimes at the intersections of these disciplines.

Our largest facilities – the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC), our new Light Source II, the Center for Functional Nanomaterials, and the Long Island Solar Farm – may be the most well-known, but they aren’t the only tools for discovery at the Lab. We also have many additional research facilities where science happens every day! A few of them are described below:

Brookhaven’s Accelerator Test Facility (ATF) is designed to explore new methods of accelerating particles to higher energies and producing ever-brighter x-ray beams. Research conducted by scientists from Brookhaven and other institutions has implications for both physics research and future medical applications, including new cancer treatment systems. The core capabilities of the ATF include a high-brightness photoinjector, a 70-million-electron-volt linear accelerator, high-power lasers synchronized to the electron beam with picosecond precision, four beam lines (most with energy spectrometers), and a sophisticated computer control system.


ATLAS is a particle physics experiment at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research. Scientists from Brookhaven have played and continue to play key roles in the design, construction, and operation of ATLAS in its search for new discoveries about the particles and forces that shape our universe. Brookhaven is the host laboratory for U.S. collaborators on ATLAS, and our computing facility stores, processes and distributes ATLAS data to collaborators at universities and laboratories throughout the nation. 

Brookhaven Linac Isotope Producer

The Brookhaven Linac Isotope Producer (BLIP) – positioned at the forefront of research into radioisotopes used in cancer treatment and diagnosis – produces commercially unavailable radioisotopes for use by the medical community and related industries. BLIP consists of an accelerator beam line and target area for generating radioisotopes already in high demand and for developing those required at the frontiers of nuclear medicine. In conjunction with this mission, scientists also perform irradiations for non-isotope applications and explore opportunities for emerging radioisotope applications.

Researchers from national labs, academia, and industry will use the Northeast Solar Energy Research Center to test new technologies for improving solar energy, addressing the technical, economic, environmental, and policy issues facing solar power deployment in the northeastern U.S.

NASA Space Radiation Laboratory

The NASA Space Radiation Laboratory (NSRL) uses beams of heavy ions from the accelerators that feed RHIC to simulate space radiation and study its effects on biological specimens such as cells, tissues, and DNA and industrial materials. NASA and the Department of Energy Office of Science partnered to build NSRL to identify materials and methods that reduce the risks astronauts will face on future long term space missions.

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