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Safeguards & Security Division (S&S)

Mission Statement:
To serve and protect Brookhaven National Laboratory's staff, guests, and interests from the undesirable consequences of unwanted events by providing preparedness, assessment, engineering, and immediate response services for all types of security and non-security related emergencies.

Protect DOE special nuclear materials, classified matter, sensitive information, and property against theft, diversion, or destruction; prevent the sabotage of programs that could result in significant scientific or financial impact; prevent the malevolent release of hazardous materials including radiological, chemical, and infectious agents or other criminal acts protecting people, property, and national security, providing a safe and secure environment for employees, the public, and the environment.

Our Vision:
Provide the Laboratory a high degree of assurance that protection services are efficient, cost effective, and serve the best interests of our customers and stakeholders. This is accomplished with a well trained and dedicated professional staff who strive to make protection operations at BNL world class.

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