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Workshop On

New Horizons for Lattice Computations
with Chiral Fermions

Workshop: May 14/15/16, Collaboration Meeting: May 17/18


Research carried out over the last decade in lattice gauge theory using chiral quarks is delivering many important, reliable results in CKM physics, quark masses, nucleon structure, dipole moments, and electromagnetic properties of hadrons, among others. We note the expected large boost in computational resources available to the lattice community starting at the end of 2011, e.g. the new QCDCQ (IBM BlueGene/Q) computers at the RBRC and other institutions worldwide, or the new KOBE supercomputer among others. To ensure that the community makes the best use of these unprecedented new resources, we should plan for the future direction of lattice gauge theory research in high energy and nuclear physics.

In addition to the high energy frontier under investigation at the LHC, the workshop will emphasize important phenomenological quantities relevant to the intensity frontier, such as electroweak matrix elements on bottom, charm, and strange physics (K à ππ, ε'/ε, K13, BK …), quark masses, the nucleon electric dipole moment, hadronic contributions to the muon anomalous magnetic moment, and so on, and state-of-the art developments in algorithms for both observable measurements and ensemble generation.


Presentations will be mainly by invitation. We expect to be able to accommodate a limited number of contributed talks. If you are interested in presenting a contributed talk, please contact Taku Izubuchi at izubuchi@bnl.gov.

Special Evening Event

Registered attendees are invited to attend the optional banquet/reception. Details to be determined.


Please note, it is your responsibility to reserve your own accommodations. Limited on-site housing is available which will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Transportation from area hotels is not provided by BNL. There is no public transportation to BNL. Attendees are strongly advised to make car rental arrangements prior to arrival. More...

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