(First Week)

Chairman: H.A. Schwettman, Stanford University



The Summer Study began with a week on applications of superconducting surfaces at radio frequencies. Under the able leadership of Alan Schwettman, an easy and informal atmosphere was rapidly achieved and soon a free and vigorous interchange of information was in progress between exponents of various techniques and representatives of the manufacturers whose technology will be essential to progress in this field. The session was dominated by the energetic Stanford group who continually amazed the audience with the scope and daring of their plans.


Following papers were submitted for publication:


The Development of Low Temperature Technology at Stanford and its Relevance to High Energy Physics

    H. Alan Schwettman, Stanford University


Q Measurements on Superconducting Cavities at S-Band  

     H. Hahn, H.J. Halama, and E.H. Foster, Brookhaven National Laboratory


Coupling Losses in Superconducting Cavities

     H. Hahn and J. Miller, Brookhaven National Laboratory


Fabrication of Niobium Rf Cavities

     R.W. Meyerhoff, Union Carbide Corporation


Fabrication of High Q Superconducting Niobium Cavities

     I. Weissman, Varian Associates


Materials Investigation for a Two-Mile Superconducting Accelerator

     M.A. Allen and H.A. Hogg, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center


Characterization of Residual Rf Losses in Superconductors

     C.R. Haden, University of Oklahoma


Technetium as a Material for ac Superconductivity Applications

     S.H. Autler, NASA Electronics Research Center


Applications of the Fountain Effect in Superfluid Helium

     C.M. Lyneis, M.S. McAshan, and H.A. Schwettman, Stanford University


Refrigeration at Temperatures Below the Boiling Point of Helium

     S.C. Collins, 500 Incorporated


Rf Amplitude and Phase Stabilization for a Superconducting Linear Accelerator by Feedback Stabilization Techniques

     L.R. Suelzle, Stanford University


Particle Motion in a Standing Wave Linear Accelerator

     E.E. Chambers, Stanford University


Sample Parameters of a Two-Mile Superconducting Accelerator

     R.B. Neal, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center


Consideration of the Use of Feedback in a Traveling-Wave Superconducting Accelerator

     R.B. Neal, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center


Summary of Recent Investigations of the Karlsruhe Group on Rf Properties of Superconductors and on Applications

     W. Jungst, Kernforschungszentrum Karlsruhe


An Enriched Particle Beam Using Superconducting Rf Deflectors

     H.N. Brown, Brookhaven National Laboratory


Design Problems in Superconducting Rf Beam Separators

     H.J. Halama, Brookhaven National Laboratory


Superconducting Rf Separator Research at the Rutherford Laboratory

     A. Carne, B.G. Brady, and M.J. Newman, Rutherford Laboratory


Beam Optics Design for a 600 MeV Microtron

     D.C. Sutton and A.O. Hanson, University of Illinois


High Stability UHF Oscillators using a Superconducting Cavity

     F. Biquard, Nguyen Tuong Viet, and A. Septier, Institut d’Electronique, Orsay


Summary of First week of Summer Study

     H. Alan Schwettman, Stanford University


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