(Second Week)

Chairman: T.R. Strobridge, NBS, Boulder



A comprehensive survey of the esoteric mysteries of the field if cryogenics was arranged by Dick Strobridge. Enormously valuable papers were presented by Hurlich of General Dynamics and Mowers of Rocketdyne on the properties of materials at low temperatures; these papers will save many of us from making costly and dangerous mistakes. Papers on refrigeration and cryostat design provided a fine survey of the state of the art and of the directions in which further progress can be expected.


Following papers were submitted for publication:


Refrigeration at 4 0K

     T.R. Strobridge, National Bureau of Standards, Boulder


European State of the Art in Cryogenics

     G. Prast, Philips Research Laboratories


Cryogenic Safety

     M.G. Zabetakis, Bureau of Mines



     C. Barnes, CVI Corporation


Review of Heat Transfer to Helium I

     R.V. Smith, National Bureau of Standards, Boulder


An Examination of a Liquid Helium Refrigeration System for Superconducting Magnets in the 200 GeV Experimental Area

     M.A. Green, Lawrence Radiation Laboratory, Berkeley, and G.P. Coombs and J.L. Perry, 500  Incorporated


Cryogenic Electrical Leads

     C.D. Henning, Lawrence Radiation Laboratory, Livermore


Low Temperature Metals

     A. Hurlich, General Dynamics/Astronautics


Properties of Nonmetallic Materials at Cryogenic Temperatures

     R. Mowers, Rocketdyne


Review of the Cryogenics Session Second Week of the Summer Study

     T.R. Strobridge, National Bureau of Standards, Boulder


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