(Third Week)

Chairman: A. Paskin, Brookhaven National Laboratory



Arthur Paskin arranged this week as a survey of presently available superconducting materials and a look into the future. Particularly interesting were two “Manufacturer-User round-tables,” in which opinions were exchanged about what would he desirable in the realm of superconducting materials. The voice of common sense came from the representatives of industry who explained which user hopes were reasonable and which were not. Unfortunately for those who were not present, these sessions were not recorded; it had been agreed early in the Study that, in the interests of free discussion, nothing would be published that was not submitted to the Editors in writing.

Following papers were submitted for publication:


Structure and Properties of High-Field Superconductors

     J.D. Livingston, General Electric Company


Instability Comments

     S.L. Wipf, Atomics International


Critical Current Behavior of Hard Superconductors

     W.W. Webb, Cornell University


Critical Fields of Type II Superconductors

     G. Cody, RCA Laboratories


The Effect of Radiation on the Properties of Superconducting Materials

     G.W. Cullen, RCA Laboratories


Niobium Tin and Related Superconductors

     R.B. Britton, Brookhaven National Laboratory


Composite Materials

     A.D. McInturff, Brookhaven National Laboratory


Materials and Conductor Configurations in Superconducting Magnets

     H. Brechna, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center


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