(Sixth Week)

Chairman: J.P. Blewett, Brookhaven National Laboratory


The final week of the Summer Study, under John Blewett, was a speculative survey of the probable impact of superconducting magnets on the accelerator field. The atmosphere was generally confident and optimistic; superconducting accelerators are surely just over the horizon. A day during this week was devoted to an allied field, the use of pure, but not superconducting, metals at cryogenic temperature. Here also the prospects appear to be bright. Finally, the chairman of all of the week-long sessions presented summaries of their weeks. The study closed amid expressions of mutual admiration and self-satisfaction.


Following papers were submitted for publication:


Superconducting Synchrotrons

     P.F. Smith, Rutherford Laboratory


Economic Factors Involved in the Design of a Proton Synchrotron or Storage Ring with a Superconducting Guide Field

     M.A. Green, Lawrence Radiation Laboratory, Berkeley


A 2000 GeV Superconducting Synchrotron

     W.B. Sampson, Brookhaven National Laboratory


Synchrotron Power Supplies using Superconducting Energy Storage

     P.F. Smith, Rutherford Laboratory


Some ac Loss Determinations by an Electric Multiplier Method

     W.S. Gilbert, Lawrence Radiation Laboratory, Berkeley


Radiation Effects on Superconducting Magnets

     H. Brechna, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center


Iron Shielding for Air Core Magnets

     J.P. Blewett, Brookhaven National Laboratory


Superconducting EFAG Accelerators

     G. Parzen, Brookhaven National Laboratory


Calculations Concerning Superconducting Accelerators

     P. Gerald Kruger and J.N. Snyder, University of Illinois


Preliminary Steps for Applying Superconductors to FFAG Accelerators

     G. del Castillo, R.J. Lari, and L.O. Oswald, Argonne National Laboratory


A Superconducting SLAC with a Recirculating Beam

     W.B. Herrmannsfeldt, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center


Properties and Preparation of High-Purity Aluminum

     V. Arp, National Bureau of Standards, Boulder


Synchrotron Magnets with Cryogenic Exciting Coils

     G.T. Danby, J.E. Allinger, and J. W. Jackson, Brookhaven National Laboratory


Summary of Sixth Week of Summer Study

     J.P. Blewett, Brookhaven National Laboratory


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