A New Approach to Accelerator Magnet Design

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Table of Contents

A New Approach to Accelerator Magnet Design

Overview of the Presentation

The Game Plan/Philosophy

What should we do? Our Response

Common Coil Design Concept

Common Coil Design A Basic Module with Bore Tubes

Field Lines at 15 T in a Common Coil Design Magnet

A Modular Design for a New R&D Approach

Change in Aperture for Various Field/Stress Configurations

Field Quality Design/Optimization (Conceptual)

The 1st Magnet Purpose and Goals

Design Parameters of the 1st Magnet

TOSCA Analysis for Ends

Field Lines and Contour Plot at 7 T in the 1st Common Coil Design Magnet

ANSYS Calculations 

Mechanical Design and Analysis (Work in Progress)

Magnet Components and Assembly (An Earlier Concept, Work in Progress)

Investigations with 1st Magnet

Muon Collider Dipole Design and Configuration

Basic Design of the 1st High Field Magnet

Possible Long Term Magnet R&D

Emerging Technologies : HTS

HTS in a Hybrid Magnet

A Possible Low-cost Magnet Manufacturing Process

Conclusions and Summary

Author: Ramesh Gupta

Email: gupta@bnl.gov

Home Page: http://www.bnl.gov/magnets/Staff/Gupta/

Other information:
Similar Presentation made for (a) DOE Review on May 13, 1998 and for (b) Accelerator and Fusion Research Division Review on June 2-3, 1998, Superconducting Magnet Program at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBL).

Download or view higher resolution PDF presentation (2.5 MB)