Magnet Design Approach and Strategy


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Table of Contents

Magnet Design Approach and Strategy

Overview of the Presentation


Common Coil Design Concept

Field Lines at 15 T in a Common Coil Design Magnet

A Modular Design for a New R&D Approach

Change in Aperture for Various Field/Stress Configurations

I am not the only one to have suggested this type of crazy geometry

Design Parameters of the 1st Magnet

TOSCA Analysis for Ends

Field Lines and Contour Plot at 7 T in the 1st Common Coil Design Magnet

High Field Magnet Design

Fields in High Field Magnet Design (40 mm aperture, 3 layers)

50 mm Aperture Investigations (for comparison to D20)

Investigations for Very High Field (to probe the limit of technology)

Pre-stress and Support Structure Studies/Experiments

Field Quality Design/Optimization (Conceptual)

Field Quality Design/Optimization (in collaboration with CERN)

Conclusions and Summary

Author: Ramesh Gupta


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DOE Review on August 12-13, 1998 of Superconducting Magnet Program at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. This is talk #1 on Magnet Design Approach and Strategy. The talk #2 is on Innovative Magnet Design and Technologies

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