HTS Cable Magnet Program

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HTS Cable Magnet Program

Overview of the Presentation

Expected Performance of HTS-based Magnets 

First Likely Application of HTS: Interaction Region (IR) Magnets 

Why Start HTS Magnet R&D Now? 

HTS and High Field Magnet Technology Development at BNL

Common Coil Design

Contributions of HTS and High Field Magnet Development Program at BNL

10 Turn Coil Program

Innovation in Coil Winding Use of Kevlar Strings

Innovation in Coil Impregnation Vacuum Bag and Teflon Coating

Basic Features of 10 turn Coils 

Magnet DCC002: 1st HTS Dipole/Quad

Magnet DCC002: 1st HTS Dipole/Quad

Magnet DCC006: 2nd HTS Dipole (Magnet No. 6 in the common coil cable magnet series)

Mixed Strand Cable for DCC006 (tested prior to winding coil)

Performance of 2 Coils in Muon Collider Dipole Configuration of Magnet DCC006

Measured Ic of Various Turns of Common Coil Magnet DCC006

Measured Critical Current as a Function of Temperature in DCC006

Field Quality Measurements

Systematic Test during the steps of making High Performance HTS coil for DCC008

12 T Magnet: The Important Next Step in HTS R&D Program

Basic Parameters of 12 T Design

Magnetic Models of the Design

Spacers in the Body and Ends to Minimize Peak Fields

Expected Performance When Coils in Both Layers Carry Equal Current

Expected Performance When Coils in Both Layers Carry Different Currents

ANSYS Analysis of 12 T Magnet

Stresses in Collar Region

Overall Design of BNL 12 T Common Coil Background Field Dipole

Coils in BNL 12 T Background Field Nb3Sn React & Wind Dipole

Insert Coil and Sample Test Scenarios

New Versatile Coil Winder Now Under Design

Parts of Coil Winding and Curing Fixtures

Bobbinless Coil With No Additional Structure

New Top Hat and Commissioning of High Current Test Facility

IR Magnet Design Considerations

LHC IR Quadrupole Design

PPT Slide

HTS Quad for LHC IR (70 mm Aperture, 400 T/m Gradient) 

HTS Quad for LHC IR (Racetrack Coil Geometry) 

Magnet/ Conductor Technology Options for HTS Quads

A React & Wind HTS Quadrupole Design

List of Publications at SMD Website Search with Common Coil Magnet Type

Near Term R&D Program at BNL


Author: Ramesh Gupta 


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DOE R&D Review on February 27,2002. 

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