Magnet R&D at BNL

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Table of Contents

Magnet R&D at BNL

Overview of the Presentation

Two Directions of Magnet R&D

High Field Magnets for Muon Collider and n Factory Storage Ring

Magnet Design for n Factory Storage Ring Study II 

Lattice & Magnet Designs for a Compact Ring

Skew Quad Lattice by Axially Shifting Coils

Skew Quad Lattice by Axially Shifting Coils

Modified Cross-section for Better Field Quality

Alternate End Design Concept

Magnet Construction Plan for Neutrino Factory Storage Ring Dipole Model at BNL

Goals For the Next Year

Saggitta in Nb3Sn React & Wind Dipole

What do you think Prof. John Doe? Did we find some thing big? 

Machine Size and Interconnects

New Magnet Design For Efficient VLHC-2 Interaction Region

Fields in the Proposed Double-Quad Design

Design Parameters of VLHC-2 Insertion Region Magnets

PPT Slide

PPT Slide

Common Coil Design

Common Coil Design in Handling Large Lorentz Forces in High Field Magnets

Magnet Technology Development Program at BNL

Expected Performance of HTS-based Magnets 

HTS in a Hybrid Magnet

Technology Development Program

Magnet Program Design Philosophy

The Bobbin and the 10-turn Coil

Fast Turn Around, Low-cost Magnet Construction 

Nb3Sn Reaction Facility at BNL 

Nb3Sn Cable Coming Out of Spool

New Versatile Coil Winder Now Under Design

Holding Turns in Place During Winding

HTS Coil Wound by Hand

10-turn Coil Being Prepared for Vacuum Impregnation

Vacuum Impregnation Setup

Vacuum Impregnated Coils

Epoxy Issues 

Insulation Test & Development

Voltage Taps, etc.

Internal Splice in Common Coil Design (splices are perpendicular and are in low field region)

New Top Hat and Commissioning of High Current Test Facility

Support Structures (three)

4 T Support Structure 

New 9 T Support Structure

Test Results

Nb3Sn: Test Number 1

Nb3Sn: Test Number 2

Nb3Sn: Test Number 3

Nb3Sn: Test Number 4

Nb3Sn: Test Number 4 (contd.) What happened?

Nb3Sn: Test Number 4 (contd.)

Nb3Sn: Test Number 4 What happened (contd.)?

Importance of Rapid Turn around Program

Measured Performance of HTS Cable and Tape As A Function of Field at BNL

HTS Coil Tests

Common Coil and Muon Collider Test Configurations

Common Coil Magnets With HTS Cable

4K Performance of 1st Common Coil HTS Magnet

Performance of Coil #2 Powered Alone (Coil #1 off)

Performance of Coil #2 in Common Coil Configuration

Common Coil Magnet As A Test Facility

A Few Possible Topics for Cable and Magnet Designs 

Conclusion and Status of Magnet R&D Program at BNL

Author: Ramesh Gupta 


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Magnet R&D at BNL. Presented at SNOWMASS on 7/3/2001. 

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