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School on

Superconductivity and Cryogenics

in Accelerators and Tokamaks


Centre for Advanced Technology, Indore - 452013 (India)

27 January - 7 February, 1998

Detailed Program


The Indian Accelerator and Tokamak programmes are now entering a new phase with the initiation of superconductivity based projects namely, Superconducting (SC) Cyclotron at VECC, Calcutta, SC LINAC at TIFR & NSC, SC Tokamak (SST-1) at IPR, Gandhinagar, SC Wiggler and SC multipole magnets at CAT, Indore. It is important for the success of these programmes that the young Indian scientists and engineers who will work in these projects be exposed to the current advances in these fields. The school is aimed at providing an opportunity to discuss basic as well as technological aspects of superconductivity and cryogenics in such devices. Basic and advanced lectures by experts from abroad and India who have a wide experience in their respective fields of specialization are planned. Special seminars on topics related to Indian programmes on Superconducting Accelerators and Tokamaks will also be held during the school. The participants should preferably be working in this field.


Core topics to be covered in the school are :



Special Lectures


  1. Ramesh Gupta (LBL, USA),
  2. C.Heiden (Univ. of Giessen, Germany),
  3. S.Jacob (IISc, Bangalore, India),
  4. K.Kamata (Hitachi Cables, Japan),
  5. Philippe Lebrun (CERN, Swizerland),
  6. K.G.Narayankhedkar (IIT Mumbai, India),
  7. A.D. Nikulin (VNIINM, Russia),
  8. Paul Proudlock (CERN Switzerland),
  9. T.S. Radhakrishnan (IGCAR, India),
  10. M.Sakamoto (AFRC Kyushu Univ., Japan),
  11. Peter Sievers (CERN, Switzerland),
  12. R. Srinivasan (RRI, India),
  13. Thomas Taylor (CERN Switzerland) ,
  14. Herman tenKate (Univ. of Twente, Netherlands),
  15. Martin N. Wilson (Oxford Instruments, UK)

National Organising Committee

Dr. D.D. Bhawalkar, CAT		: Chairman
Dr. M.G. Bettigeri, BARC	: Member
Dr. R. K. Bhandari, VECC	: Member
Dr. Pravin Chaddah, CAT		: Member
Dr.B.A.Dasannacharya, IUCDAEF	: Member
Shri M.K. Mallik, BARC		: Member
Prof. K.G. Narayankhedkar	: Member
Dr. R.G. Pillay, TIFR		: Member
Dr. T.S. Radhakrishnan		: Member
Shri A. S. Rajarao, CAT		: Member
Dr. Amit Roy, NSC		: Member
Prof. S. Sarangi, IIT KGP	: Member
Prof. Y.C. Saxena, IPR		: Member
Dr. R.G. Sharma, NPL		: Member
Dr. V.C. Sahni, BARC		: Member
Prof S.V. Subramaniam, IISc	: Member
Shri M. G. Karmarkar, CAT	: Convenor

School Programme

Click here for the detailed date-time wise program of the School.


The school will have around 60 selected participants from all over India. The selection will be based on their current field of research work and interests. The school is open to scientists and engineers from National Laboratories, Universities and other Institutions interested in this area.


Accommodation will be provided to all the participants in CAT Guest House on payment basis for the period, Jan 26 to 8 th Feb. Other expenses towards food and transport will be borne by the candidates.

About Indore

Indore is a major city of Central India with a population of over a million. It is almost equidistant from Delhi and Mumbai and has direct air and rail links with these cities. The weather in Indore is very pleasant in the beginning of February. The maximum and minimum temperatures are around 21C and 10C resp. As evenings and nights are cold the participants are advised to bring woolen clothes.


For more details, contact :
M.G. Karmarkar,
Accelerator Programme
Centre for Advanced Technology,
P.O. CAT, Indore - 452 013, India
E-mail :,
Fax : 91-731-48-1525,
Tel : 91-731-48-8048

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