BNL Program and Possibilities

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Table of Contents:

BNL Program and Possibilities

HTS Magnet R&D Program at BNL

High Field Magnet Design

Common Coil Design (The Basic Concept)

Magnet Design for n Factory Storage Ring 

Efficient Magnet System Design for Good Field Quality in Body & in Ends

Status and Progress

New Magnet Design For Efficient VLHC-2 Interaction Region

Expected Performance of HTS-based Magnets 

Common Coil Magnet R&D at BNL

Nb3Sn Reaction Facility at BNL 

10-turn Vacuum Impregnated Cable sample 

Cable Insulation Test Setup

The Bobbin and the 10-turn Coil

Nb3Sn Cable Coming Out of Spool

Coil Tensioner with 10-turn coil on the Winding Table

10-turn Coil Being Prepared for Vacuum Impregnation

HTS Coil Wound by Hand

Vacuum Impregnation Setup

Vacuum Impregnated Coils

HTS Coils in Support Structure 

First Step: Test The Design and Construction Techniques with React & Wind Nb3Sn Coils

Common Coil Magnets With HTS Cable

PPT Slide

PPT Slide

PPT Slide

Potential Cable Test Facility for Testing Small Samples

A Personal Opinion

Life of 10-turn Coil Program After 12.5 T Magnet

HTS in a Hybrid Magnet

Common Coil Magnet As A Test Facility

A Few Possible Topics for Cable and Magnet Designs 

Magnet Test Results

Measured Performance of HTS Cable and Tape As A Function of Field at BNL

Possible HTS Hybrid Magnet designs with Nb3Sn coils of 12.5 T Design

Author: Ramesh Gupta


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HTS Cable Magnet Program Discussion at BNL on 4/27/2001. 

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