Magnet R&D Issues for the Future

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Table of Contents

Magnet R&D Issues for the Future

Magnet R&D Topics

Lowering the Cost of Magnets

Magnet Cost: Coldmass and/or Yoke Size

Common Coil Design

Common Coil Design Optimization (Aperture Spacing/Magnet Size)

Reduction in Allowed Saturation-induced Harmonics

Small Yoke: Cable Degradation Issue

Magnet Cost: Amount of Conductor Required 

Different Designs for Field Quality Design Optimization and conductor requirements

Comparison of Conductor Uses in Common Coil and Cosine Theta Designs

Auxiliary Coils or Similar Scheme

Magnet Cost: Conductor Usage Grading

An Example of End Optimization with ROXIE (iron not included)

Magnet Cost: Amount of Conductor Required 

Support Structure Consuming Expensive Space

Pre-stress and Support Structure Studies/Experiments

Common Coil Design in Handling Large Lorentz Forces in High Field Magnets

Schemes of Adding Cu to Nb3Sn to Reduce Overall Conductor Cost 

Highest Field Magnet

Investigations for Very High Field (to probe the limit of technology)

Investigate Low-cost Magnet Manufacturing Process

Prioritizing Nb3Sn Conductor R&D

HTS Cable Magnet R&D

A Modular Design for a New and Low-cost Magnet R&D Approach

A Few Possible Topics for Cable and Magnet Designs 

Importance of Rapid Turn around Program

Experience with Rapid Turn Around Program at BNL

Summary and Conclusions

Author: Ramesh Gupta


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Magnet R&D Issues for the Future. Presented at SNOWMASS on 7/10/2001. 

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