Papers submitted by BNL (lead) authors on HTS at PAC 2011 (

  1. Engineering Design of HTS Quadrupole for FRIB Cozzolino, et al.
  2. Design, Construction and test of Cryogen-free HTS Coil Structure Hocker, et al. (Poster)
  3. Influence of Proton Irradiation on Second Generation HTS in Presence of Magnetic Field Shiroyanagi, et al.
  4. Measurements of the Effect of Axial Stress on YBCO Coils Sampson, et al. (Poster)
  5. Design Construction and Test Results of HTS Solenoid for ERL Gupta, et al. (Poster)
  6. HTS Magnets for Accelerator and Other Applications Gupta (Presentation only)
  7. Novel Quench Detection System for HTS Coils Joshi, et al.

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