Common Coil Magnet Program at BNL

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Table of Contents

Common Coil Magnet Program at BNL

Outline of the Presentation

Common Coil Design (The Basic Concept)

Common Coil Magnet R&D at BNL

“React & Wind” Approach at Brookhaven

Nb3Sn Reaction Facility at BNL 

Nb3Sn Cable Short Sample Test at BNL (Arup Ghosh)

The Bobbin and the 10-turn Coil

Nb3Sn Cable Coming Out of Spool

Coil Tensioner with 10-turn coil on the Winding Table

10-turn Coil Being Prepared for Vacuum Impregnation

Vacuum Impregnation Setup

Vacuum Impregnated Coils

Coils in Support Structure 

Internal Splice in Common Coil Design (splices are perpendicular and are in low field region)

Test Results Of 1st React & Wind Nb3Sn Coils

Temperature Dependence in Quench Current

High Field Magnets and High Temperature Superconductors (HTS)

BNL’s Strategy on HTS Magnet Development

HTS in a Hybrid Magnet

Status of HTS Common Coil Program

HTS Coil Wound by Hand

Status and Plans with Cable (BSCCO 2212) Common Coil Program

High Field Magnet Design At BNL (Nb3Sn, “React & Wind”, in first stage)

Possible HTS Hybrid Magnet designs with Nb3Sn coils of 12.5 T Design

Life of 10-turn Coil Program After 12.5 T Magnet

Progress in Field Quality Geometric Harmonics

Progress in Field Quality Saturation-induced Harmonics

An Example of End Optimization with ROXIE (iron not included)


Author: Ramesh Gupta


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Applied Superconductivity Conference 2000 at Virginia Beach, VA, September 17-2000. 

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