Report from the LHC IR Upgrade Meeting

High Field Magnet R&D

(Original talks)

Ramesh Gupta

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Table of Contents

Report from the LHC IR Upgrade Meeting High Field Magnet R&D

Magnet Requirements

High Field Superconductors Critical Current Density (Jc) as a function of field 

Two R&D Philosophies

IR Magnet Design Considerations

SESSION 2: IR Layout and Magnet Parameters 

SESSION 3: Magnet Technology and Conductor Developments 

Common Coil Design

SESSION 4: PANEL DISCUSSION Technology and R&D of High Field Magnets 

Fermilab Approach: Nb3Sn in a Design Similar to the Presently Used

Fermilab Quadrupole Design: Larger Aperture but Similar Gradient

Proposed Fermilab Program: Very Extensive

Fermilab R&D Tasks

LBL Quadrupole Proposal

LBL Block Coil Investigations

BNL Vision: Time to Explore Alternate Designs & Technologies

10 Turn Coil Program

HTS Test Coils and Magnets at BNL

Measured Ic of Various Turns of Common Coil Magnet DCC006

High Temperature Performance of HTS Coils Built at BNL 


12 T Background Field Magnet: Important Next Step in HTS R&D

Overall Design of BNL 12 T Common Coil Background Field Dipole

First Likely Application of HTS: Interaction Region (IR) Magnets 

HTS: A High Field Superconductor 

HTS Quad for LHC IR (Racetrack Coil Geometry) 

Nb3Sn Magnet Program with Flexible Pre-reacted Cable


Author: Ramesh Gupta


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Other information:
Cad seminar on 4/9/2002 to give a report on the LHC IR Upgrade Coollaboration Meeting at CERN, March 11-12, 2002. Other speakers: Steve Peggs and Fulvia Pilat 

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