Field Calculations


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Table of Contents

Field Calculations


Design Calculations for RD3 - Body

Design Calculations for RD3 - Ends

Calculations for RD3 Ends with OPERA3d (TOSCA)

Computed Short Sample for RD3

Next Step: Investigations for a Field Quality Magnetic Design

Development of Tools

Design Optimization Strategies for Body Harmonics (2-d) 

Field Quality Design Optimization Options for Magnet Body Harmonics

A Few Possible Configurations for Auxiliary Coils

An Example of a Preliminary Optimized Design: Magnet Body

Design Optimization Strategies for End Harmonics (3-d)

An Example of End Optimization with ROXIE (iron not included)


Author: Ramesh Gupta


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Presented at the DOE/HEP Review of LBNL Superconducting Magnet Program, September 8-9, 1999. 

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