BNL Phase II Common Coil Magnet Program

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Table of Contents

BNL Phase II Common Coil Magnet Program

Outline of Common Coil Magnet R&D

Magnet Program Design Philosophy

Phase II Common Coil Magnet Program

Life of 10-turn Coil Program After 12.5 T Magnet

An Experimental Program with a Modular Approach

The Team for Phase II Program

Nb3Sn Reaction Furnace (Large) 

Nb3Sn Cable Short Sample Test at BNL (Arup Ghosh)

Drawing of 10-turn Coil Showing Inner and Outer Lead (all 2d)

Nb3Sn Cable Coming Out of Spool

Coil Tensioner with 10-turn coil on the Winding Table

10-turn Coil Being Prepared for Vacuum Impregnation

Side Plate for Vacuum Impregnation

Drawing of One Coil Module (ready for vacuum impregnation)

Vacuum Impregnation Setup

Vacuum Impregnated Coil

Vacuum Impregnated Coil

Vacuum Impregnated Coil

10-turn Vacuum Impregnated Cable sample 

Cable Insulation Test Setup

Field Quality in a Common Coil Design

Common Coil Design (The Basic Concept)

Common Coil Design in Handling Large Lorentz Forces in High Field Magnets

Progress in Field Quality Geometric Harmonics

Progress in Field Quality Saturation-induced Harmonics

An Example of End Optimization with ROXIE (iron not included)

PPT Slide

Initial Considerations of A 12.5 T Magnet Design

Is hybrid design really a better solution for a 12.5 T magnet?

Schemes of Adding Cu to Nb3Sn to Reduce Overall Conductor Cost 

HTS Common Coil Program

Cost Saving Opportunities in VLHC


Author: Ramesh Gupta 


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VLHC Magnet Technology Workshop at Fermi Lab, May 24-26, 2000. 

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