Impact of HTS Magnets on IR Layout and Design

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Table of Contents

Impact of HTS Magnets on IR Layout and Design

Design Considerations

HTS Magnets for IR Upgrade

HTS: A High Field Superconductor 

Engineering (Operating) Current Density in Magnet Designs

High Field Magnet Designs A Basic Difference between Dipole and Quad

HTS Test Coils and Magnets at BNL

Measured Performance of HTS Cable and Tape As A Function of Field at BNL

High Temperature Performance of HTS Coils Built at BNL 

DCC006: 2nd HTS CC Cable Dipole 74 mm Aperture for Field Quality Measurements

Field Quality Measurements

First Likely Application of HTS: Interaction Region (IR) Magnets 

VLHC-2 IR Layout for Flat Beam Optics

VLHC-2 Interaction Region Magnet Design Concept 

Variations of the Q1 Design

Fields in the Proposed Double-Quad Design


SUMMARY HTS: Now and Future

Author: Ramesh Gupta


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Other information:
First of the three presentations at LHC IR Upgrade Collaboration Meeting at CERN, March 11-12, 2002. 

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