HTS Magnets and Nb3Sn Quads

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Table of Contents

HTS Magnets and Nb3Sn Quads

HTS and High Field Magnet R&D Program at BNL

Common Coil Design

Overall Design of BNL 12 T Common Coil Background Field Dipole

12 T Background Field Magnet: The Next Step in HTS R&D Program

Insert Coil and Sample Test Scenarios

Coil Winding with Kevlar Strings

Bobbinless Coil With No Additional Structure

10 Turn Coil Rapid Turn Around Program

HTS Test Coils 

Magnet DCC002: 1st HTS Dipole/Quad

Magnet DCC002: 1st HTS Dipole/Quad

Measured Ic of Various Turns of Common Coil Magnet DCC006

Systematic Test during the steps of making High Performance HTS coil for DCC008

Measured Critical Current as a Function of Temperature in DCC006

IR Magnet Design Considerations

PPT Slide

HTS Quad for LHC IR (Racetrack Coil Geometry) 

Magnet/ Conductor Technology Options for HTS Quads

HTS Quad for LHC IR (70 mm Aperture, 400 T/m Gradient) 

A React & Wind HTS Quadrupole Design

Near Term HTS R&D Program

Nb3Sn Magnet Program with Flexible Pre-reacted Cable

6-around-1 Flexible Nb3Sn Cable

Slotted Magnets Used Extensively in RHIC Spin Program

Required R&D in Nb3Sn Magnet Program


Author: Ramesh Gupta

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Other information:
Second of the three presentations at LHC IR Upgrade Collaboration Meeting at CERN, March 11-12, 2002. 

Other presentations by Ramesh Gupta at this meeting:

1. Impact of HTS Magnets on IR Layout and Design

        Panel Discussion

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