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Congwu Du


Telephone:  (631) 344-2965

Research Interests

  • Congwu Du is trained as a biomedical engineer with over 10 years in the application of optical spectroscopy for characterization and detection of physiological processes in tissue. Her current projects include the simultaneous detection of the cerebral blood flow, blood volume and oxygenation as well as intracellular calcium in vivo using visible fluorescence spectroscopy and photon migration techniques. She is the manager of 9.4T MicroMRI facility in Medical Department. Her long-term goal is to develop optical imaging tools and to combine with other imaging modalities such as optical coherent tomography (OCT), MRI and PET for biological tissue imaging.

 Education & Concurrent Positions

  • B.S. Laser Technology, Huazhong Univ. of Science and Technology, China, 1985
  • M.S. Applied Optics, Huazhong Univ. of Science and Technology, China, 1988
  • M.S. Information Science, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, U.S.A,  2002
  • Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering, Medical Univ. of Luebeck, Germany, 1996
  • Post doc. Tissue Oximetry Univ. of Pennsylvania, U.S.A,  1996-1997
  • Post doc. Biomedical Imaging, Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), U.S.A.,  1997-1999
  • Research Scientist, Pittsburgh NMR Center, CMU, U.S.A., 1999-2002
  • Assistant Scientist, Medical Department, BNL, 2002-2004
  • Associate Scientist, Medical Department, BNL, 2004-present
  • Tenure-track Assistant Professor,Medical School, SUNY at Stony Brook (SUNY_SB), 2006-2009
  • Adjunct faculty in the Program of Biomedical Engineering, SUNY-SB, 2007-present
  • Associate Professor with tenure, Medical School, SUNY_SB, 2010-present

Selected Publications

  • Du C., Luo Z.C., Yu M., Benveniste H., Tully M., Pan R., and Chance B.
    Detection of Ca2+-dependent neuronal activity simultaneously with dynamic changes in cerebral blood volume and tissue oxygenation from in vivo brain.
    J. of Innovative Optical Health Sciences, 2(2):1-12 (2009).
  • Du C., Tully M., Volkow N.D., Schiffer W.K., Yu M., Luo Z., Koretsky A.P., and Benveniste H.
    Differential effects of anesthetics on cocaine's pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic effects in brain.
    Eur J Neurosci., 30(8):1565-75 (2009).  PubMed
  • Luo Z., Yuan Z., Pan Y., and Du C.
    Simultaneous imaging of cortical hemodynamics and blood oxygenation change using dual-wavelength laser speckle contrast imaging during cerebral ischemia in rat.
    Opt Lett., 34(9):1480-1482 (2009)  PubMed
  • Luo Z., Yuan Z., Tully M., Pan T., and Du C.
    Quantification of cocaine-induced cortical blood flow changes using laser speckle contrast imaging and Doppler optical coherence tomography.
    Appl Opt., 48(10):D247-255 (2009).  PubMed
  • Luo Z., Yu M., Smith S.D., Kritzer M., Du C., Ma Y., Volkow N.D., Glass P.S., and Benveniste H.
    Effect of intravenous lidocaine on brain activation during non- noxious and acute noxious stimulation of the forepaw: A functional MRI study in the rat.
    Anesthesia and Analgesia, 108(1):334-44 (2009).  PubMed
  • Yuan Z.J., Luo Z.J., Du C., and Pan Y.T.
    A digital frequency ramping method for enhancing Doppler flow imaging in Fourier-domain optical coherence tomography.
    Optics Express, 17(5):3951-3963 (2009). PubMed
  • Luo Z., Wang Z., Yuan Z., Du C.W., and Pan Y.
    Optical coherence Doppler tomography quantifies laser speckle contrast imaging for blood flow imaging in the rat cerebral cortex.
    Optics Letters, 33(10): 1156-1158 (2008). PubMed
  • Benveniste H., Ma Y., Dhawan J., Gifford A., Smith S.D., Feinstein I., Du C., Grant S.C., and Hof P.R.
    Anatomical and functional phenotyping of mice models of Alzheimer’s disease by MR microscopy.
    Ann. N.Y. Acad Sci., 1097:12-29 (2007).  PubMed
  • Pan Y.T., Wu Z.L., Yuan Z.J., Wang Z.G. and Du C.W.
    Subcellular imaging of epithelium with time-lapse optical coherence tomography. J. of Biomedical Optics, 12(5):050504 (2007).  PubMed
  • Du C., Yu M., Volkow N.D., Koretsky A.P., Fowler J.S. and Benveniste H.
    Cocaine increases the intracellular calcium concentration in brain independently of its cerebrovascular effects.
    J. of Neuroscience, 26(45):11522-11531 (2006).  PubMed
  • Du C., Koretsky A.P., Izrailtyan I., Benveniste H.
    Simultaneous detection in vivo of changes in cerebral blood volume, oxygenation and intracellular calcium during cerebral ischemia and reperfusion using diffuse reflectance and fluorescence.
    J Cereb Blood Flow Metab., 25(8):1078-1092 (2005).  PubMed
  • Benveniste H., Fowler J.S., Rooney W., Ding Y.S., Baumann A., Moller D.H., Du C., Backus W., Logan J., Carter P., Copeland J., Biegon A., Rosenblum L., Scharf B., Gatley S.J. and Volkow N.
    Maternal and Fetal [11C] Cocaine Uptake and Kinetics Measured in vivo by Combined MRI and PET in Pregnant Non-human Primates.
    J. Necl. Med, 46(2):312-320 (2005).  PubMed
  • Pan Y.T., Wu Q., Wang Z.G., Du C.W. and Brink P.R.
    High-Resolution Imaging Characterization of Bladder Dynamic Morphophysiology with Time-Lapse Optical Coherence Tomography.
    Optics Letters, 30(17):2263-2265 (2005).  PubMed
  • Du C., Pan Y.T., MacGowan G.A., Koretsky A.P.
    Decreasing motion artifacts in calcium-dependent fluorescence transients from the perfused mouse heart using frequency filtering.
    Cell Calcium, 35(2):141-153 (2004).  PubMed
  • Pan Y.T., Xie T.Q., Du C., Bastacky S., Meyers S. and Zeidel M.L.
    Enhancing early bladder cancer detection with fluorescence-guided endoscopic optical coherence tomography.
    Optics Letters, 28(24):2485-2487 (2003).  PubMed
  • Du C., Pan Y.T., MacGowan G.A. and Koretsky A.P.
    Separation of calcium transients and motion artifact using frequency filtering of fluorescent signals arising from the perfused mouse heart.
    Proceedings of Society of Optical Engineering (SPIE), in 'Functional Monitoring and Drug-Tissue Interaction. vol. 4623, 281-286 (2002).
  • MacGowan G.A., Du C. and Koretsky A.P.
    High calcium and dobutamine positive inotropy in the perfused mouse heart: myofilament calcium responsiveness, energetic economy, and effects of protein kinase C inhibition.
    BMC Physiology, 1:12 (2001).  PubMed
  • Du C., MacGowan G.A., Farkas D.L. and Koretsky A.P.
    Calibration of calcium dissociation constant of Rhod2 in the perfused mouse heart using manganese quenching.
    Cell Calcium, 29(4):217-227 (2001).  PubMed
  • Du C., MacGowan G.A., Farkas D.L. and Koretsky A.P.
    Calcium Measurement in perfused mouse heart: Quantitating fluorescence and absorbance of Rhod-2 by application of photon migration theory.
    Biophy. J., 80(1):549-561 (2001).  PubMed
  • MacGowan G.A., Du C., Wieczorek D.F. and Koretsky A.P.
    Compensatory changes in Ca(2+) and myocardial O(2) consumption in b-tropomyosin transgenic hearts. Am J. of Physiol. Heart Cire.
    Physiol., 281(6):H2539-2548 (2001).  PubMed
  • MacGowan G.A., Du C., Glonty V., Suhan J.P., Farkas D.L. and Koretsky A.P.
    Rhod-2 based measurements of intracellular calcium in the perfused mouse heart: Cellular and subcellular localization, and response to positive inotropy.
    J. Biomedical Optics, 6(1):23-30 (2001).  PubMed
  • MacGowan G.A., Du C., Cowan D.B., Stamm C., McGowan F.X., Solaro R.J., Koretsky A.P. and de Nido P.J.
    Ischemic dysfuction in transgenic mice expressing troponin I lacking pro-tein kinase C phosphorylation sites.
    Am. J. of Physiol. Heart Circ. Physio., 280(2):H835-H843 (2001).  PubMed

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