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Marcelo Vazquez Marcelo Vazquez
Assistant Scientist

Telephone: (631) 344-3443
e-mail: vazquez@bnl.gov

Space radiobiology

Research Interests

The overall goal of Dr. Vazquez�s current research is to assess the effects of the space environment on neuronal cell functional integrity at the molecular and cellular level. Currently, the team is examining the effects of HZE particle exposure using neural explants, established and primary neural cell lines as a paradigm for space radiation neurotoxicity. The study of the cellular and molecular alterations associated with heavy ion neurotoxicity and how changes in LET and projectile fragmentation modulate the biological response are critical parts of this research.

Education & Concurrent Positions

M.D. Natl Univ. of La Plata, Argentina, 1984; Ph.D. Natl Univ. of La Plata, 1990

CNES, SFRP Young Investigator Award, 94; NSF-STA Fellowship, Japan Science and Technology Corporation, 1998

Postdoctoral Fellow, Uppsala University, Sweden, 90-91; Associate Research Scientist, Eye Rad. & Environ. Res. Lab., Columbia University, 91/95; Sr. Res. Associate, NASA Beam Line Liaison Scientist, Biology Dept., BNL, 95/97; Assistant Scientist, NASA Beam Line Liaison Scientist, Biology Dept., BNL, 97/98; Assistant Scientist, NASA Liaison Scientist, Medical Department, BNL, 99/ present

Selected Publications

Brenner D.J., Hall J.H., Randers-Pehrson G., Huang Y., Johnson G.W., Miller R.W. Wu B. Vazquez M.E. Medvedovsky C., Worgul B.V. Quantitative comparisons of continuous and pulsed low dose-rate regimens in a model late-effect system. Int. J. Rad. Oncol. Biol. Phys. 34:905-910, 1996.

Dimberg Y, Vazquez M., Soderstrom S. and Ebendal T. Effects of X-irradiation on nerve growth-factor in the developing mouse-brain. Toxicol. Lett. 1(9):35-43, 1997.

Curtis S.B., Vazquez M.E , Wilson J.W., Atwell W., Kim M. and Capala J. Cosmic ray hit frequencies in critical sites in the central nervous system. Adv. Space Res. 22(2):197-207, 1998.

Vazquez M. E. Neurobiological problems in long-term deep space flights. Adv. Space Res. 22(2):171-183, 1998.

Curtis S.B., Vazquez M.E , Wilson J.W., Atwell W. and Kim M. Cosmic ray hits in the central nervous system at solar maximum. Adv. Space Res. (in press).

Vazquez M. E. and Kirk E., In vitro neurotoxic effects of 1 GeV/n iron particles assessed in retinal explants. Adv. Space Res. In press, (1999).

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