MicroMRI Laboratory

9.4T microMRI and stage for rodent set up including anesthesia.

A high field (9.4 Tesla) MRI Laboratory for high-resolution magnetic resonance (in-vivo spectroscopy) includes a Superconducting Magnet System MRBR 9.4T/210 AS controlled by a Bruker Avance console. The system is equipped with actively shielded gradients, capable of producing a gradient strength of 950 mT/m. The magnet is installed in a 1000-sq-ft newly refurbished facility located in the Medical Department, Bldg. 490. Multi-echo, 3D FT and EPI capabilities are available. The system is capable to do diffusion, perfusion, functional, high resolution anatomical imaging as well as multinuclear imaging and spectroscopy. The facility is also equipped with a state-of-the-art animal surgery laboratory with anesthesia equipment, surgical operating microscope, blood gas analyzer, laser Doppler flowmetry and a real-time physiological and computerized equipment for small-animal (rodent) imaging experiments.

MicroMRI research

Mei Yu and Stony Brook University Biomedical Engineering graduate student X. Luo preparing for an microMRI experiment

Research at the BNL-SBU 9.4T MicroMRI Laboratory is diverse. Importantly all projects are carried out as collaboration between basic and clinical investigators from a wide range of disciplines including, Neurology, Neuroscience, Neurosurgery, Anesthesiology, Pharmacology, Biomedical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Instrumentation, Magnet Division, Medicine, Chemistry, and many others. Below is a description of the ongoing projects and the investigators involved. The facility was declared operational in October 2004 and more projects will be listed as capabilities come on line.

Adult C57BL/6J Mouse Brain 3-D Digital Atlas
PIs: Yu Ma, Helene Benveniste Atlas website

News:  3D in vivo C57BL/6J atlas database available soon!

In vivo 3D digital atlas database of the adult C57BL/6J mouse brain by magnetic resonance microscopy
Ma Y, Smith D, Hof PR, Foerster B, Hamilton S, Blackband SJ, Yu M and Benveniste H (2008) Front. Neuroanat. 2:1. doi:10.3389/neuro.05.001.2008

Identification and tracking of neuroal stem cells in vivo: a metabolomic approach
PI: Mirjana Maletic-Savatic, MD, PhD (Department of Neurology, SBU) Co-PIs: Dr. Helene Benvensite, Dr. Peter Djuric, Dr. D. Tomasi

Non-invasive CSF flow measurements in rodents with hydrocephalus
PI: Mark Wagshul, PhD (Department of Radiology, SBU) Co-PIs: M. Egnor, MD (Department of Neurosurgery, SBU)

Brain volumetric studies of Dopamine receptor D2 knockout mice exposed to substances of abuse
PI: Peter Thanos, PhD (NIAAA) Co-PI: Helene Benveniste, MD, PHD; Yu Ma, PhD, Berndt Foerster, PhD

Optical fluorescence based recording of calcium transients during functional activation in the rat brain combined with fMRI based BOLD signal changes.
PI: Congwu Du, PhD (Medical Department, BNL) Co-PI: Helene Benveniste, MD, PHD

Functional MRI studies in rat brain with implanted electrodes
PI: Andrew Gifford, PhD

>> See a list of SA Instrument, Inc. R&D supported by the Brookhaven microMRI Facility.


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