Microdialysis Laboratory

Currently, our microdialysis facility consists of five fully automated systems all of which are equipped with liquid chromatograph separation capabilities, an amperometric detector, variable speed controlled syringe pumps, and complete Raturn® systems which provide for studies in freely moving and anesthetized animals. In addition, these systems include Optical Animal Activity Monitors (BAS, West Lafayette, IN), which offer the unique opportunity for simultaneous behavioral measurements. These state-of-the-art systems include dynamic flow microbore chromatographic separation capabilities as well. The laboratory has integrated a fully automated data collection and retrieval system that continuously monitors the status of the on-line injections, animal activity and HPLC.

Recently, we purchased and installed a Sample Sentinel (BAS) system. This system is a fully automated on-line injector that readily analyzes monoamine concentrations in brain samples and performs pre-column derivitization for amino acids prior to injection onto the microbore HPLC. With the Sample Sentinel, we can rapidly analyze a large number of samples collected in time intervals as short as one minute. This provides us with the ability to automatically inject microdialysis samples obtained following combined microPET/microdialysis experiments.


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