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  • Ferrieri A.P., Agtuca B., Appel H.M., Ferrieri R.A., and Schultz J.C.
    Temporal changes in allocation and partitioning of new carbon as 11C elicited by simulated herbivory suggest that roots shape aboveground responses in Arabidopsis thaliana.
    Plant Physiol., 161(2):692-704 (2013).  PubMed
  • Ferrieri A.P., Appel H., Babst B., Ferrieri R.A., and Schultz J.C.
    Non-medical application of 2-[18F]fluoro-2-deoxy-D-glucose to study defense responses in Arabidopsis thaliana.
    Nucl Med Biol., 39(8):1152-1160 (2012).  PubMed
  • Best M., Gifford A.N., Kim S.W., Babst B.A., Piel M., Rosch F., and Fowler J.S.
    Rapid radiosynthesis of [11C] and [14C]azelaic, suberic and sebacic acids for in vivo mechanistic studies of systemic acquired resistance in plants.
    J. Labelled Compd. Rad., 55:39-43 (2012).  article pdf
  • Robert C.A.M., Veyrat N., Glauser G., Marti G., Doyen G.R., Villard N., Gaillard M.D.P., Kollner T.G., Giron D., Body M., Babst B.A., Ferrieri R.A., Turlings T.C.J., and Erb M.
    Optimal pest foraging beats optimal crop defense: How a specialist herbivore uses defensive metabolites to locate nutritious roots.
    Ecology Letters, 15:55-64 (2012).  article pdf
  • Alexoff D.L., Dewey S.L., Vaska P., Krishnamoorthy S., Ferrieri R.A., Schueller M.J., Schlyer D.J., and Fowler J.S.
    PET imaging of escaping positrons from the leaf of a Nicotiana tabacum. Nucl. Med. & Biol., 38:191-200 (2011).   PubMed
  • Best M., Koenig K., McDonald K., Schueller M.J., Alexoff D., Rogers A., and Ferrieri R.A.
    Inhibition of trehalose metabolism impacts recent carbon partitioning into cell-wall components and reduces shoot-to-root ratio in Nicotiana tabacum.
    Carbohydrate Res., 346:595-601 (2011).  article
  • Gómez S., SteinbrennerA.D., Osorio S., Schueller M.J., Ferrieri R.A., Fernie A.R., Orians C.M.
    From shoots to roots: transport and metabolic changes in tomato after feeding by a specialist lepidopteran.
    Entomologia Experimentalis et. Applicata (invited submission for a special edition on plant-insect interactions) (2011).
  • Reid A., Kim S.W., Seiner B., Hooker J., Ferrieri R.A., Babst B.A., and Fowler J.S.
    Radiosynthesis of C-11 labelled auxin and its derivatives from gramine.
    J. Labelled Compd. Rad., 54:433-437 (2011).  article pdf
  • Gómez S., Ferrieri R.A., Schueller M.J., and Orians C.M.
    Methyl jasmonate elicits rapid changes in carbon and nitrogen dynamics in tomato.
    New Phytol., 188(3):835-844 (2010).  PubMed abstract pdf
  • Hanik N., Gómez S., Best M., Schueller M.J., Orians C.M., and Ferrieri R.A.
    Partitioning of new carbon as 11C in Nicotiana tabacum reveals new insight into methyl jasmonate induced changes in metabolism.
    J. Chem. Ecol., 36(10):1058-1067 (2010).   PubMed article
  • Hanik N., Gómez S., Schueller M.J., Orians C.M., and Ferrieri R.A.
    Use of gaseous 13NH¬3 administered to intact leaves of Nicotiana tabacum to study changes in nitrogen utilization during defense induction.
    Plant Cell & Environ., 33:2173-2179 (2010). abstract pdf
  • Kasel M.C.K., Schueller M.J. and Ferrieri R.A.
    Optimizing [13N]N2 radiochemistry for imaging nitrogen-fixation in root nodules of legumes.
    J. Label Cmpds & Radiopharm., 53:592-597 (2010). pdf
  • van der Lelie D., Taghavi S., Monchy S., Schwender J., Miller L., Ferrieri R.A., Rogers A., Zhu W., Weyens N., Vangronsveld J., and Newman L.
    Poplar and its bacterial endophytes: Coexistence and harmony.
    Critical Rev. Plant Sci., 28:346-358 (2009).  abstract
  • Babst B.A., Ferrieri R.A., Thorpe M.R., and Orians C.M.
    Gypsy moth (Lymantria dispar) herbivory induces rapid changes in carbon transport and partitioning in Populus.
    Entomologia Experimentalis et. Applicata., 128:117–125 (2008).  abstract pdf
  • Thorpe M.R., Ferrieri A.P., Herth M.M., and Ferrieri R.A.
    Imaging transport of methyl jasmonate and photoassimilate: jasmonate moves in both phloem and xylem and restores sugar transport after proton transport is decoupled.
    Planta, 226:541-551 (2007).  PubMed
  • Ferrieri A.P., Thorpe M.R., and Ferrieri R.A.
    Stimulating natural defenses in Populus increases their metabolism of carbon tetrachloride.
    Int J. Phytoremediation, 8(3):233-243 (2006).  PubMed
  • Babst B.A., Ferrieri R.A., Gray D.W., Thorpe M.R., Lerdau M., Schlyer D.J., Schueller M.J., Orians C.M.
    Jasmonic acid induces rapid changes in carbon transport and partitioning in Populus.
    New Phytologist, 167:63-72 (2005).   PubMed abstract pdf
  • Ferrieri R.A., Gray D.W., Babst B.A., Schueller M.J., Schlyer D.J., Thorpe M.R., Orians C.M., and Lerdau M.
    Use of carbon-11 shows that exogenous jasmonic acid influences carbon sources for isoprene biosynthesis in Populus.
    Plant Cell & Environment, 28:591-602 (2005). abstract pdf
  • Ferrieri A.P., Thorpe M.R., and Ferrieri R.A.
    Up-regulating Plant Defenses in Populus Increases Phytoremediation Capacity for Carbon Tetrachloride
    Eighth International Symposium on In Situ and On-Site Bioremediation, Baltimore, Battelle. (2005).
    Bioremediation Proceedings (PDF) | Bioremediation Poster (PDF)
  • Herth M.M., Thorpe M.R., and Ferrieri R.A.
    Synthesis of the phytohormone [11C]methyl jasmonate via methylation on a C18Sep PakTM cartridge.
    Journal of Labelled Compounds and Radiopharmaceuticals, 48(5):379-386 (2005).  abstract pdf
  • Pritchard J., Tomos D., Farrar J.F., Minchin P.E.H., Gould N., MacRae E.A., Paul M.J., Ferrieri R.A., Gray D.W., and Thorpe M.R.
    Turgor, solute import and growth in maize roots treated with galactose.
    Functional Plant Biology, 31:1095 (2004). abstract



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