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Over the years, this workshop has provided a forum for educating and growing the modeling and simulation (ModSim) research community. In addition to closely surveying the current state of the art, the ModSim workshop has addressed areas that have been crucial to expanding ModSim-related research, including examining relevant system architecture trends, co-design implications, new tools and technologies, and even the impact of exascale, to name a few. This year, we look forward to engaging the still-growing community as we assess Modeling and Simulation in the Artificial Intelligence Era.

Organizing Committee

Adolfy Hoisie (BNL, Chair)
Shekhar Borkar (Qualcomm)
Pradip Bose (IBM)
Bruce Childers (University of Pittsburgh)
Dan Ernst (HPE)
Patricia Foy (BNL)
Bruce Jacob (University of Maryland)

Hyesoon Kim (Georgia Tech)
Jason Lowe-Power (UC Davis)
Bob Mrosky (University of Maryland)
Scott Pakin (LANL)
Charity Plata (BNL)
Martin Schulz (Technical University of Munich)
Noel Wheeler (DoD)

Steering Committee

Rich Carlson (DOE/SC)
Almadena Chtchelkanova (NSF)
Bill Harrod (IARPA)

Robert Hoekstra (Sandia)
Adolfy Hoisie (BNL)
Noel Wheeler (DoD)

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Important Dates

February 11, 2020 Workshop registration opens
July 31, 2020 Workshop registration closes
July 17, 2020 Additional guest registration for non-U.S. Citizens closes

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