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Magnet Test Database Workshop


This workshop is about superconducting accelerator magnet test data. Multiple laboratories/institutes around the world are cooperating on the state of the art accelerator technology and data from superconducting magnet tests are a key ingredient for the magnet development and operation. The case for AUP laboratories (in the USA) and CERN is particularly stronger with the same quadrupoles to be tested in all the labs.

For those reasons we need to establish what kind of data we are sharing, how and in what format. Beyond that we need to think how we preserve the data in a longer term. With "data" we generally mean the formatted version of the data which may populate some form of a "database" or several "databases". However, we may also consider the "raw" data - either from training, magnetic measurements, or other special measurements (protection studies data; SSL measurements; etc.).

The goal of the workshop is to reach an agreement on those points taking into account the current expertise from the different labs and turning them into concrete steps and directives. It is also to define the very meaning of "data" and "database" in the context of work cooperation on superconducting accelerator magnet testing.

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Last Modified: March 20, 2018