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Workshop on Nanomaterials & Engineered Microstructures for Nuclear Applications (NEMNA)


The NEMNA workshop at BNL is designed to bring together experts in the field of nanomaterials and nuclear energy to share the new discoveries and research and development from both the fields. Nanomaterials have revolutionized various areas of science and technology and the idea of this workshop is to use the inventions in the field of nanomaterials to address the materials challenges in nuclear energy. The NEMNA workshop will focus on brainstorming ideas on development of novel materials for nuclear energy applications by applying the expertise developed in the field of nanomaterials synthesis to the nuclear regime.

The aim of the workshop will be to identify and invite the experts in both the fields and have several working sessions to select and filter ideas in the below mentioned focus areas:

  1. Characterization of radiation tolerant nano-nuclear materials including synchrotron methods.
  2. Synthesis of radiation resistant nanomaterials.
  3. Materials degradation under extreme environments including – Thermal, ion-irradiation and corrosion.
  4. Modeling and Simulations including First principle, Molecular dynamics and Density functional theory methods.

The managers from DOE-NE will also be invited to solicit their input on how well aligned the ideas are with the mission and strategic investments at their agency.

Workshop Organizing Committee

  • James Dickerson (BNL, CFN)
  • Lynne Ecker (BNL, NST)
  • Sanjit Ghose (BNL, PS)
  • Simerjeet K Gill (BNL, NST)
  • Nickolaos Simos (BNL, NST)

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Last Modified: December 27, 2017