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NSLS-II: Newest World-Class Science Facility at Brookhaven Lab

Rendering of the NSLS-II

Rendering of the NSLS-II

The world-leading capabilities of the National Synchrotron Light Source II (NSLS-II) are essential in order to tackle some of the most important scientific challenges of our time. For example, scientific discoveries at NSLS-II will lead to major advances in alternative energy technologies, such as hydrogen and solar. Scientific breakthroughs in developing new materials with advanced properties could pave the way to:

  • catalysts that split water with sunlight for hydrogen production
  • materials that can reversibly store large quantities of electricity or hydrogen
  • high-temperature superconducting materials that carry electricity with no loss for efficient power transmission lines
  • materials for solid-state lighting with half of the present power consumption

NSLS-II construction began in 2009 and the facility is scheduled to open in 2015. During its construction and operation, NSLS-II is expected to create more than 1,250 construction jobs and 450 scientific, engineering, and support jobs, plus additional jobs at U.S. material suppliers and service providers.

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