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X-ray Technique Invented at NSLS: Helps Detail Joint Injuries in Children

boy holding knee

Using an x-ray technique invented at BNL’s now-operating National Synchrotron Light Source (NSLS), scientists have learned new information about how children’s knee joints are damaged as the result of a compression injury which could happen during sports or play. Their work could help researchers understand how this type of joint injury can progress to secondary osteoarthritis, a painful condition caused by cartilage loss.

The technique is called diffraction enhanced imaging, or DEI. DEI uses extremely bright beams of x-rays to visualize not only bone, but also soft tissue in a way that is not possible using standard x-rays. In contrast to conventional sources, synchrotron x-ray beams are thousands of times more intense and extremely concentrated into a narrow beam. The result is a lower x-ray dose with a higher image quality.

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