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An Indoor Picnic for Photon Sciences

Photon Sciences Directorate, 2011

Photon Sciences Directorate, 2011

With rain threatening for the afternoon of September 23, 2011, the annual picnic for the Photon Sciences Directorate moved indoors — to the ring building of NSLS-II. Everyone agreed the location was apropos, and not only because of the weather. The past year has been busy with activity, much of it to support construction of the new facility and planning for the stellar science NSLS-II will enable.

A few years from now, the open space will start to fill in with beamlines. Until then, we will have more opportunities to hold events in the ring building.

- Mona S. Rowe, Photon Sciences Communications Manager

2011-2659  |  INT/EXT  |  Media & Communications Office

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