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APS Honors Lab with Historic Site Designation

APS Honors Lab with Historic Site Designation

The American Physical Society (APS), a 48,000-member organization representing physicists in the United States and around the world, has named Brookhaven Laboratory an APS Historic Site.

The purpose of the APS Historic Sites initiative is to increase public awareness of physics and physicists’ awareness of important past scientific advances and their place in the historic evolution of their work. APS has previously designated about 20 historic sites; however, this is the first time that an entire national laboratory has received this prestigious recognition.

The APS designation highlights Brookhaven’s physics discoveries and forefront science in nuclear and high-energy physics and the physics and chemistry of materials, energy, and the environment, as well as related contributions to biology and medicine. Laboratory researchers’ explorations of fundamental science have resulted in seven Nobel Prizes – five in physics – and insights into some of the most puzzling questions about matter and the universe, as well as advances across scientific fields.

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