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Safety: How Did We Do?

On the operations side of the Photon Sciences Directorate, the safety record continues to be excellent. Ten injuries were reported among staff, users, visitors, guests, and contract workers, with none that was recordable.

“The injury goal is always zero,” said Andrew Ackerman, Deputy Manager for Environment, Safety and Health (ESH). “So we need to pay even more attention to workplace circumstances. But a year with no recordable injuries is gratifying and indicates the importance our workers place on safety.”

Ackerman noted that each of the injuries was investigated. They resulted from strains and bumps, and five involved hand lacerations. Safety discussions took place throughout the year to direct attention to this issue, and new safety razors were placed in the stock room and distributed to beamline staff.

PSD Non-Construction Injury Cases

PSD Non-Construction Injury Cases , FY 97 to FY 11

The chart indicates an overall long-term improving trend. “Even though some blips in the first aid cases have occurred, keep in mind that the population of the directorate has tripled over the past few years and continues to grow,” Ackerman said. “Also, our facilities have expanded significantly.”

He added that continued emphasis on safety and diligent work by the ESH operations staff have kept the organization well below DOE Office of Science goals.

Mona S. Rowe

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