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Counting Up the Beamlines at NSLS-II

Eighteen beamline construction efforts for NSLS-II are now under way. These first 18 beamlines at the new facility will provide a total of 28 separate endstations, and 21 of these will be able to operate simultaneously.

Here is the timeline for the 18 beamlines:

  • 6 beamlines ready to begin commissioning with x-rays in 2014
  • 12 ready to begin commissioning with x-rays in 2015

The first six are funded by the Department of Energy (DOE), through construction dollars for the NSLS-II Project. Out of the twelve, six are supported by additional money from DOE (known collectively as NEXT, for NSLS-II Experimental Tools), three are supported by the National Institutes of Health (known collectively as ABBIX, for Advanced Beamlines for Biological Investigation with X-rays), two are funded by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and one is supported by the New York Structural Biology Center.

Twenty-two additional beamlines were proposed by the user community, endorsed by the Science Advisory Committee, and approved by Photon Sciences. Efforts are being made to seek funding for these 22.

When fully built out, NSLS-II will accommodate at least 58 beamlines using a combination of bending magnet sources, covering the IR, VUV, and soft x-ray range; three-pole wigglers, covering the hard x-ray range up to ~20 keV; and insertion devices (ID) (undulators, damping wigglers, and superconducting wigglers), covering the VUV through the very hard x-ray range. Additional beamlines are possible through canted IDs and multiple branches.

Mona S. Rowe

Beamline Construction Projects

NSLS-II Project Beamlines

  • Inelastic X-ray Scattering (IXS)
  • Hard X-ray Nanoprobe (HXN)
  • Coherent Hard X-ray Scattering (CHX)
  • Coherent Soft X-ray Scattering and Polarization (CSX)
  • Submicron Resolution X-ray Spectroscopy (SRX)
  • X-ray Powder Diffraction (XPD)

NEXT Beamlines

  • Photoemission-Microscopy Facility (ESM)
  • Full-field X-ray Imaging (FXI)
  • In-Situ & Resonant X-Ray Studies (ISR)
  • Inner Shell Spectroscopy (ISS)
  • Soft Inelastic X-ray Scattering (SIX)
  • Soft Matter Interfaces (SMI)

ABBIX Beamlines

  • Frontier Macromolecular Crystallography (FMX)
  • Flexible Access Macromolecular Crystallography (AMX)
  • X-ray Scattering for Biology (LIX)

Type II Beamlines

  • Spectroscopy Soft and Tender (SST)
  • Beamline for Materials Measurements (BMM)
  • Microdiffraction Beamline (NYX)

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