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Nurturing the Next Generation of Scientists

Winning sixth grade Science Fair project

Winning sixth grade Science Fair project

While Brookhaven’s primary role as a U.S. Department of Energy national laboratory is to produce excellent science, the DOE mission that we follow also includes an educational component.

At the Lab, our Office of Educational Programs (OEP) designs, develops, and implements education initiatives and facilitates workforce development to educate new generations of scientists, engineers, technicians, and teachers.

Educational opportunities abound for students of all ages. There are programs for 1st through 12th graders at the Science Learning Center. A high school research program is offered, as well as undergraduate and graduate college internship programs. OEP has programs for minorities, cooperative agreements with local colleges, and holds professional development workshops for teachers. Science competitions, essay contests, and science fairs are held annually. To learn more about our educational programs, read the stories below and visit

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