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Stony Brook Course on Applications of Synchrotron Radiation

Stony Brook University Professor Peter Stephens, a long-time NSLS user on beamline X16C, has organized a course on the applications of synchrotron radiation.

Officially known as Physics 518, the course is an overview of synchrotron sources and applications. Course content is intended for graduate students in physics, chemistry, geosciences, biology, materials science and engineering, and related fields, as well as staff at synchrotron radiation facilities. Classes will provide a systematic view of modern light sources, including NSLS-II; the principles of various techniques such as diffraction, spectroscopy, and microscopy; and the science enabled by these techniques.

“I especially recommend this course for grad students who anticipate using NSLS for thesis research,” said Stephens.

According to Starr Munson, in the Lab’s Human Resources & Occupational Medicine Division, Brookhaven staff taking this graduate course will be reimbursed for the cost of tuition, excluding fees and books.

The following classes have taken place:

January 26
Course Introduction, Interaction of Radiation With Matter – Peter Stephens

February 2
Principles of Synchrotron Radiation and Storage Ring Light Sources, NSLS Tour – Boris Podobedov

February 9
Radiation Detectors – Peter Stephens
Magnets and Insertion Devices – George Rakowsky

February 16
X-ray Diffraction – Peter Stephens

Nine classes remain in the semester, with the last one on May 3. These talks are already scheduled:

February 23
Magnetic Insertion Devices: The State of the Art for NSLS-II – Oleg Chubar

March 8
Soft X-ray Optics and Beamlines – Reuben Reininger
Optics and Metrology – Mourad Idir

March 29
Infrared – Larry Carr and Eli Stavitsky

Classes meet on Thursdays at 4 p.m., in the NSLS Seminar Room on the Brookhaven campus. To learn more about the course and check the class schedule going forward, go to

Contact information for Peter Stephens:
Phone: at Stony Brook, 631.632.8156; at Brookhaven Lab, 631.344.5816, 631.344.8210

Mona S. Rowe

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